CyrusBuiltHTPC Update

I’ve finally released a new build of CyrusBuiltHTPC for Raspian Linux.  This new build will install the latest XBMC (12.2 “Frodo”) and configure your Raspberry Pi as a full-fledged HTPC with the following features:

1) AirPlay support
2) TVHeadEnd support
3) libCEC support, so you can control it using your TV’s remote.
4) Support for relocating rootfs to an EXT4-formatted USB HDD.
5) A ~60% reduction in overall CPU usage.
6) Support for the DS1307 Real-Time Clock.
7) XBMC can now be updated just like any other package in the system via “apt-get update” or using the “systemupdate” tool installed with CyrusBuiltHTPC.
8) Reduced memory usage footprint to ~40MB on average.

NOTE:  This has only been tested with the Raspberry Pi Revision 2 Model B.  IT HAS NOT BEEN TESTED ON PREVIOUS RASPBERRY PIs AND LIKELY WILL NOT FUNCTION CORRECTLY.

This build makes use of the pre-compiled DEB packages built and maintained by Michael Gorven (cocooncrash).

Usage instructions:

Once you’ve pulled down the source package, navigate to the CyrusBuiltHTPC/CyrusBuiltHTPC folder in the terminal and then type “chmod +rx”.  If you have not already done so, enable the SSH daemon on your Pi.  Then run “./” in the terminal and follow the prompts.  This will push the CyrusBuiltHTPC package to the home folder of the Pi user (or whichever user you specified).

On the Pi, navigate to ~/CyrusBuiltHTPC in the terminal and type “chmod +rx” and then run it “./”.  This will make all the necessary scripts executable and install some system tools.  You can now run commands like “systemreboot” to reboot the Pi immediately or “systemshutdown” to gracefully power off, or “systemupdate” to upgrade and update the system.  You can also backup and restore the system configuration files modified by CyrusBuiltHTPC setup.  To proceed with installing XBMC do “cd ~/CyrusBuiltHTPC/xbmc_install” and then “./” from the terminal.  This will add Michael Gorven’s APT repo for XBMC and then pull down XBMC and any necessary dependencies and install it all.

Once finished, you will be prompted to run the platform configuration utility.  This will install RTC support, some additional tools, configure XBMC to auto-start on boot, grant the authority to XBMC to shutdown and reboot the system, and give you the option to relocate rootfs.  This will also overclock the system to 800MHz and set the memory slice to 128MB/384MB.  As prompted, you will need to reboot the system for the configuration changes to take effect.  If you chose not to run the platform configuration utility, make sure you are not booted into desktop mode (pure console, not running X11/Xorg), and run “xbmc-rpi” to launch XBMC.  The xbmc-rpi script will store the current terminal settings before launching XBMC and then restore the terminal when XBMC quits so you are left with a black screen afterward.

I plan to make this available as a custom distribution of Raspbian in the form a disk image that you can just plop onto an SD card and go with.  But this will be a little ways down the road.  Hop on over to my GitHub page to get the latest CyrusBuiltHTPC stuff.