I Finally Got A Raspberry Pi!!!

Yep… Got one. I got the new Revision 2.0 Model B board. This puppy has an ARMv6 processor, Broadcom VideoCore IV chipset and 512MB RAM. I am typing this in !NetSurf in RiscOS booted from the Pi. You can download a RiscOS image along with a few different Linux images here.  I’ve also been testing an OpenELEC image, which is basically an XBMC distribution made for the Raspberry Pi (among other devices).  This thing is SWEET!  I still need to test the Raspbian Linux image, but I intend to run FirefoxOS on top of it if I can get it to work.  I will be posting pics/videos as I continue testing so stay tuned!  Also worthy of note:  I’m already 40% finished with a Mono/.NET API framework for interfacing with the GPIO pins ‘n such on the Pi.  There is another library currently available called RaspberryPiDotNet which my library is partially derived from, but at my last check, it did not yet support the new Revision 2.0 board, as the GPIO pins changed on the Rev2 board.  My library has support for both Rev1 and Rev2 boards.  I will post in the Downloads page as soon as I have a stable release.  I also intend to publish it to GitHub.

More to follow!  If you are interested, I bought mine from MCM Electronics along with a 16GB SD card and an acrylic case.

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