MonoPluginFramework Released

I released my MonoPluginFramework.  You can get it over at  Its a simple easy to use plugin framework for Mono/.NET supporting dynamically loading plugin assemblies, independant plugin configurations, plugin diagnostics, and plugin management. This is meant to be lighter and easier to implement than the Addins framework.

While this framework has not yet been throughly unit tested, it is based on a .NET/WinForms variation that used in another project that worked quite well.  If anyone gets a chance to look at this and test it, by all means, give’er a whirl.  I’ll be generating API documentation soon.  In the meantime, the code itself is well documented.

It works like almost any other plugin framework.  The plugin itself implements the IPlugin interface.  The host application then uses the PluginManager to load and manage the plugins.  You can also write your own plugin management class(es) by implementing the IPluginHost interface.  The CyrusBuilt.MonoPluginFramework.UI namespace includes a couple of GUI classes used for reading/writing  plugin configurations if the plugin has an associated config.

More updates will be coming soon, so keep an eye on the github page.

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